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  • High Speed / Rise HRS KLEEMANN LIFT

    High Speed The new High Speed / Rise Lift with max speed up to 4m/sec, HRS KLEEMANN Lift is provided with

    Energy Saving

    Ride Quality


    Isolated Roller Guide Shoes

    Innovative services

  • Vertiplat Hydraulic Vertical Lifting System
    verty 2 Page 1Vertiplat is a hydraulic vertical lifting system designed for disabled people, in order to have access to buildings where installation
    or operation of an elevator is not possible.It is the most economical solution of vertical transportation for disabled people for travel up to 7m and can be easily installed at internal as well as external spaces.
  • Green Edition Lifts

    kleemann green edition liftsBacked by years of research and innovation, KLEEMAN once again breaks new ground by introducing a New Generation of Hydraulic Lifts – the Green Edition line. This unique technology combines excellent quality of motion by means of the C-LRV electronic valve, and energy savings of up to 70%, thanks to the inverter drive and special automation circuits.


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KLEEMANN is one of the very few lift companies in Europe that offers complete lift systems, supplying a complete range of solutions of hydraulic or traction technology, with machine room (MR elevators) or machine roomless (MRL lifts) such as home lifts.

Apart from complete lift solutions, KLEEMANN also provides its customers with the flexibility to acquire elevator sub-assemblies (lift cabins, doors, electronics etc) based on the project requirements.

Also, working together with its clients develops customized solutions for the modernization of the older elevators combining the cost effectiveness with the highest quality outcome.

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