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Lunes, 17 Octubre 2011 13:26


KLEEMANN launches its innovative Lift Tester application for smartphones, a platform for offering pioneering services to its partners and to the public.

Lift Tester (free iphone app) by Kleemann

This application was created for the popular iPhone4 mobile phone and it is already available online on the iTunes Market at: ( where anyone can download it free of charge.

The Lift Tester Lite application – which is the first version of the complete application currently being designed – utilizes the technological capabilities and sensors of the smartphone, as well as special algorithms, in order to measure and assess the motion of any lift.

Lift experts and consultants, lift installers as well as end users will be able to test and measure the lift they ride and get a complete picture of the motion, measuring data such as speed, acceleration, minor vibrations and noise; the application will help them optimize the overall installation and operation of a lift.

Specifically, the application has the following features:

  • Measurement of the speed of any lift (with motion direction indication)
  • Maximum speed achieved (after the measurement is complete)
  • Measurement of acceleration and deceleration
  • Noise levels within the cabin
  • Graphs on all the above characteristics


KLEEMANN will continue to invest in designing new smartphone applications and mobile technologies, aspiring to bring true innovation to the way partners and users interact with the company and its products.