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KLEEMANN holds a leading position in Greece in the manufacturing and trading of Complete Lift Systems. It is enlisted among the largest companies of this field in the European and international market.

Millions of people in the whole world recognize and rely on KLEEMANN, a fact that reveals a great history with significant milestones and a future full of challenges.

1983: Contract for transfer of "Know-How" from the German company KLEEMANN HUBTECHNIK GmbH and establishment of KLEEMANN HELLAS SA in Greece.
1985: Completion of manufacturing plants in the Industrial Area of Kilkis.
1986: Beginning of production activity.
1999: Initial Public Offering of KLEEMANN shares in the Athens Stock Exchange. Establishment of KLEFER SA in the Industrial Area of Kilkis in cooperation with the Spanish company TECHNOLAMA-FERMATOR.
2001: Establishment of KLEEMANN ASANSÖR in Istanbul in cooperation with the Turkish company AMETAL.
2001: Start up of the new Electronics and Automation manufacturing plant in the Industrial Area of Kilkis.
2002: Start up of the new Cabins and Machine Roomless Lifts manufacturing plant in the Industrial Area of Kilkis.
2004: Start up of the new Logistics centre in Athens.
2005: Establishment of KLEEMANN LIFTOVI d.o.o in Simanovci, near Belgrade, Serbia.
2006: Establishment of KLEEMANN LiftRo in Romania.
2010: Completion of the 61m high Test Tower in the Industrial Area of Kilkis.
2011: Establishment of KLEEMANN Lifts  China.
: Beginning of operation of KLEEMANN Lifts UK in the UK.
2012: Establishment of KLEEMANN Lifts Rus in Russia.
2015: Establishment of KLEEMANN DIZALA D.o.o. in Croatia.
2015: Acquisition of 80.09% of Elevator Services Group (Vic) Pty Ltd in Australia, which was renamed Kleemann Elevators Australia Pty Limited.
2015Establishment of KLEEMANN Aufzüge in Germany.