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KLEFER a manufacturing company of automatic lift doors, with head offices in the industrial Area of Kilkis, Greece.

In 1999, KLEEMANN signed an agreement for the establishment of an industrial unit based in Greece with the Spanish TECNOLAMA - FERMATOR a company that manufactures automatic lift doors, is holding a leading position in the international market.

The new company was established under the name KLEFER S.A. Its offices are situated in the Industrial area of Kilkis in Northern Greece. KLEFER is manufacturing automatic lift doors, semi-automatic, as well as BUS-type doors. The product is technologically advanced, complementary to other products manufactured by KLEEMANN.


TECNOLAMA has transferred its know-how entirely to Klefer for the establishment of the manufacturing infrastructure and the actual production of the products. KLEEMANN has undertaken the management of the new company as well as the development of distribution channels, capitalizing its leading position in the domestic market. KLEFER S.A. is targeting the international market, but its main focus is the markets of East Europe and the Balkans.


Address: Kilkis Industrial Area, Post Code 61 100, Kilkis, Greece,
Telephone: +30 23410 75 730, Fax: +30 23410 75 733
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,

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