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Certified lifts


Within the context of its quality policy, KLEEMANN commits itself to designing, manufacturing and offering its customers certified superior quality products and services. The implemented Quality 

Assurance System meets all safety and quality requirements as provided by European and Greek legislation. This System is in compliance with:

Kleemann certified quality lifts


• Lift Directive 95/16/EC, Annexes XIII and VIII, Module H and E
• EN ISO 9001: 2008 requirements
• EN ISO 14006:2011 [ECO Design ISO]

KLEEMANN sets a high value on providing certified lift products and services of high quality and reliability. For this reason it was one of the first companies in Greece to develop a quality management system.

 Kleemann Quality Control

Kleemann certified quality lifts

 Quality control is carried out throughout all stages of the product manufacturing process,it is fully integrated in the company's system and is performed in two stages. The first stage is performed by the company's certified and specialized quality control technicians and the second by independent inspectors.

Kleemann's quality control is carried out on incoming raw materials and components, intermediate products and the finished lift products. Suppliers are chosen based on strict standards and are evaluated annually. Sample quality control checks are performed on semi-intermediate and intermediate products, while complete checks are performed on the finished product.

Complete quality control checks are performed on all lift products subsystems such as piston-cylinder assemblies, rupture valves, safety gears, rubber hoses, special car slings etc. The results are recorded in order to ensure excellent elevator product quality. The quality control results are evaluated and corrective measures are carried out if required.

All of the above mentioned tests are performed using precision instruments and devices in the Quality Control Laboratory as well as in external precision measurement equipment laboratories in order to achieve measurement accuracy.